Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Live Tweets From GOP Debate Part VII

thejamestripp James Tripp
will live tweet the Las Vegas GOP debate, where the odds are the candidates, today starting at 5 pm PST.

thejamestripp James Tripp
is looking forward to the commercials in tonight's GOP debate.

Tonight's debate will be multimedia, but I may still fall asleep.

I think we need another GOP debate after this one.

Who produced this opening and why?

What's with the dramatic music?

Every time I see Michele Bachmann she has more make-up on her eyes than the last time I saw her.

Shouldn't @DonRickles be in this Las Vegas debate?

I disagree with Rick Santorum's position on his daughter.

Herman Cain started giving his wife the business 42 years ago.

Perry would be a job creator if he withdrew from the race and let someone else take the position.

thejamestripp James Tripp
is happy to be in Vegas.

Did you know that Michele Bachmann was a former tax attorney?

Shouldn't a tax attorney be in favor of taxes?

Herman Cain is in analysis.

My plan is better that Herman Cain's. My plan is called 9-9-9-9.

Cain's constituents don't understand him and neither do I.

Newt wants 0 capital gains so Warren Buffet doesn't have to pay anything.

We need to resurrect the Glass-Steagall Act.

There's a lot of natural gas on stage.

People in the lower class have more mobility because they're homeless.

Did Mitt Romney just say he took a crap in Massachusetts?

I don't have a name you can add care to-Obamacare, yes. Romneycare, yes. Trippcare? No.

The evolution of the mandate-1. Newt 2. Mitt 3. The President.

The commercials were longer than Cooper said they would be.

I can't wait to be e-verified!

A pizza in every pot!

these boots on the ground were made for stomping.

If you have anything nice to say about the President, don't say anything at all.

I will enforce English as the official language of this panel.

They love legal immigration as long as they're Americans.

Texas is no California.

Check his papers!

I think Herman Cain left out an ethnic group.

Dan Rather was an anchor baby. I know.

thejamestripp James Tripp
Faith is being crushed by our courts and our government which is a good thing.

We need to bring our troops home so they can occupy America!

If nobody wants nuclear waste, maybe we shouldn't generate it.

What kind of a debate is this? They all agree.

How do you repair the economy without criticizing Obama?

Rick Perry wrote a letter to Congress which was as effective as the one I wrote in Mrs. Toomey's 1st grade class.

Cain was for TARP when the polls were for it and against TARP when the polls changed.

Who has the biggest flag pin?

"Government can't manage anything," especially if Ron Paul is running it.

Everybody has the right to have two arms.

Santorum is no John Kennedy.

"How can you trust him with power if he doesn't prey?" - Newt. I'll prey if Newt gets elected.

Ron Paul wants to eliminate the Department of President.

Cutting defense spending would be like cutting defense contractors contributions to my campaign.

We need to eliminate foreign aid and diplomacy.

Romney wants to turn Medicare over to the states which are almost bankrupt.

Michele wants to invoice the countries we invade.

Newt thinks selling arms for hostages was a mistake---out on a limb.

Santorum is at 1%. Does that mean he's rich?

Mitt Romney has created job openings.

And now the end is near.

Michele is baking a cake.

thejamestripp James Tripp
The debate is over and they're still arguing. Play nice.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Live Tweets From GOP Debate VI

thejamestripp James Tripp
will live tweet the GOP debate today starting at 5 pm PST.

thejamestripp James Tripp
Maybe Charlie Rose should run for President.

If I'm elected President I will implement my 666 plan!

Mitt Romney wants to help the middle class, but he can't find it.

If there was no Government, we wouldn't have to listen to Michele Bachmann.

Santorum wants to repeal more regulations because the ones that were repealed that led to the current crisis were not enough.

Jon Huntsman has joke writers.

Rich Lowry from Lowry's Restaurants?

Romney spent his life in economy...is that like the Matrix?

I'm hungry for that pizza deal.


Rick Perry was reading Reagan's diary. That was supposed to be private.

Mitt Romney brought his own clip.

If a super committee is good, wouldn't a super-super committee be better?

Michele Bachmann is a voice in the wilderness and that's a good place for her.

John the Baptist was talking about Michele Bachmann.

Michele using more New Testament imagery.

Huntsman says it's going to be U.S. and China. New cold war!

On day One I will issue Two executive orders!

Shouldn't someone be occupying the CEO of Honeywell?

thejamestripp James Tripp
Can you name your 52 points? I have 999.

I'm offended by Romney's use of the word "Heck."

Mitt Romney will wave his magic wand and undue Health insurance reform.

28 kids is enough.

If elected, Cain will change parliamentary procedure.

Charlie Rose is apparently unable to ask a question unless he is sitting at a round table.

A young Alan Greenspan would make a good Fed Chairman.

I think Alan Greenspan was the only Fed Chairman Cain could name.

Banks are charging $5 debit card fees because they're crooks.

The Chinese couldn't compete with us if they'd lend us more money.

Perry has lots of blame, no solutions.

The Heckler had a better answer.

Shouldn't Michele be adopting her 24th foster child?

Michele should adopt Newt Gingrich.

Why are they all saying such mean things about the President?

Why is Rick Santorum still running?

thejamestripp James Tripp
Charlie Rose is a table person.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011