Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Buckshot Stops Here

The Bush Administration has a new slogan---“the buckshot stops here.”

These guys are getting cocky. I guess they figured when you’ve already admitted to killing at least 30,000 innocent civilians, what’s one more?

I know what Cheney was thinking: “Why should I be the only one with a bad heart?”

They're like The Beverly Hillbillies. “One day Dick was shootin’ for some food and up from the brush came a gurgling stream of 78 year old blood---Texas blood. It’s not as quenching as the blood of a virgin, Cheney may have been thinking, but it is blood never the less.

The last time I went hunting, I was at the supermarket. I could recognize my prey because it was wrapped in cellophane.

Hunters say what they do is beneficial because it helps to thin the heard. I think we should thin the heard right now. The trouble is the kind of hunter we need for this job is already working for the Vice President. And we all know what happens when you go against Dick Cheney.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Acme Factory Destroyed

A wily Religious Coyote today blew up the Acme factory using its own devices. A roadrunner who was a resident of the facility got away.

In the explosion, the coyote was blown over the side of a cliff and fell into a gorge. It is not known if he survived the fall.