Friday, July 06, 2012

"Comedy Nation This Week" - July 6, 2012

Here's today's podcast with panelists Laurie Buckley, Dave Plunkett, James Tripp and host Bill Bronner:

 Panelists discuss the SCOTUS Affordable Care Act ruling, Presidential politics and the weekly Trippitorial.

Trippitorial - Supreme Tax

America’s health care system is ailing and I don’t feel so good myself. The affordable Care Act is compromised legislation. It’s compromised because the insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists had to let some of the politician’s staffs write part of it. Instead of implementing a streamlined one payer, not for profit model, it preserves a failed model of limited coverage based on profit, not patient care. It preserves a market not worth preserving and insures increased future profits for those corporations with little thought given to cost containment. This happened because the campaign contributions politicians get from the insurance and pharmaceutical interests are too big to bail.

The for profit private insurance model of health care is a failed model whose life should not be prolonged. It’s time to pull the plug. The constitution does not begin, “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect market…”

Chief Justice John Roberts said the penalty for not participating in the private market is a tax. The whole thing is a tax. It’s a tax we can pay to a private corporation, or for a smaller fee, to the government. I would prefer to pay it to the government for a single payer non-profit model like Medicare. The government should not be coercing its citizens to buy products from corporations, although I did recently incorporate.

Probably not since Rome hired private companies to collect taxes from their conquered territories has a citizen been mandated to pay a tax to a private corporation. And we all know what happened to Rome…What happened to Rome?

It’s like the government ordering us to send our taxes directly to Halliburton to pay for the Iraq war with no other bidders. Oh, wait, that happened. Halliburton was essentially the single payer provider for the Iraq war and yes, they did have death panels. But the affordable care act does not have death panels. Private insurers have death panels that deny coverage or delay it until you are dead. “The doctor will see you now…oh. Next.”

Forcing everyone into the private market keeps the unfair market alive. It’s like making us pay for protection: “I’d advise youse to peruse a primary plan from Blue Cross. And I put the emphasis on ‘blue’ and ‘cross.’”

The insurance companies are the pimps of our whore health care system. That’s why you see their executives driving around in pink Cadillac’s.

Corporations want to be people? I say let’s let some of them die. And hopefully they’ll be uninsured. Let some markets die. Corporations may be people, but guess what? I don’t like people.

Mitt Romney says the penalty is a tax unless it was signed into law by Mitt Romney. He’s an idiot. He said he wants to repeal Romneycare, although he may be confused. Republicans would repeal common sense if they had any.

Getting money out of politics is the real cure for health care reform. Any elected politician who is not actively pursuing campaign finance reform is corrupt and should be voted out of office, although he’s probably not in his office. He’s probably at a fundraiser somewhere. And I think that describes most of them.

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