Thursday, December 22, 2005

Saddam Claims “Bad Touching”

Before his trial adjourned until January 24, Saddam Hussein charged that his American captors "were mean to me." The former dictator said that the Americans had taunted and touched him in “unnatural” ways.

When asked how he had been taunted, Hussein responded that the Americans would not tell him where Mecca was. “Every time I asked them where Mecca was, they would point in a different direction,” he said. “Five times a day I would ask them so I could face the Holy city while I prayed, and five times a day they would point in a different direction.”

The judge then gave Hussein a doll and instructed him to show the court where the Americans had touched him. Hussein repeatedly pointed to an area labeled, 'No Fly Zone.'

“They touched me here, here and one time here,” he said.

When asked if it was good touching or bad touching, Hussein said, “It was bad touching.”

The Bush administration denied any mistreatment of Hussein, but they did concede that Bush is a little touched himself.


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James Trip! Your past associations have been exposed!

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