Thursday, February 23, 2012

Live Tweets From GOP Debate Part XV

Why do they treat the openings of these debates like a reality show?

will not be rising at home.

Shouldn’t Mitt Romney be singing the national anthem?

Santorum wins contest to be first to attack health insurance reform.

We should send Mitt Romney back to the State.

Mitt Romney didn’t follow the part that was about him

I thought the bridge to nowhere was from the 2008 debates.

Mitt Romney is losing.

With this group they must be talking about the special Olympics.

These companies needed to be taken over by Bain Capital.

What they’re really saying is they should have broken the UAW.

Newt Gingrich’s uterus keeps getting bigger.

Mitt Romney, Panderer-in-Chief.

Santorum is making a case for birth control and he doesn’t get it.

Sex is not bad, unless it’s with one of these stooges.

Everybody has a but Newt Gingrich.

Planned Parenthood should stop planning!

They’re fighting over who helped the fewest people.

Mitt Romney keeps losing to Rick Santorum.

I hope Rick Perry and Mrs., Gingrich #3 use birth control.

Did anybody e-verify the candidates?

Let’s re-mantle the army Rumsfeld dismantled.

We can’t allow illegal immigrants to have nuclear weapons.

Santorum just called U.S. “the Great Satan” and I fit right in.

Romney reminds me of someone giving an oral report in H.S. that he will forget when the bell rings.

No Republican left behind.

James Tripp for President on Education:

Did Newt Gingrich just say “Git’er done?”

has to take his morning after pill. Goodnight.

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