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"Comedy Nation This Week" - March 23, 2012

Here’s today’s podcast with special call in guest John Fugelsang, regular panelists Laurie Buckley, Dave Plunkett, James Tripp and host Bill Bronner:

Panelists discuss the Etch A Sketch flap, the Supreme Court Review of health care and more.

Trippitorial - Super Pac vs Super Pac

Sarah Palin’s Super Pac is in a fight with Barack Obama’s Super Pac and nobody likes any of Mitt Romney’s Super Pacs. Why can’t all these Super Pacs just get along?

This chapter began when comedian Bill Maher gave a million dollars to Barack Obama’s Super Pac. Now, normally I wouldn’t talk about another comedian with a better career than me, especially one that could employ me as a writer, although he does not, but Bill Maher crossed the line when he gave a million dollars to a Super Pac. He became a participant instead of an observer. He became a set up for one of my punchlines.

Now, I could have used that million dollars, but that’s not the point. That’s not why I’m talking about Bill Maher and I want to make that perfectly clear. I’m all for it. Get that money out of Hollywood. Send it to Washington and Madison Ave.

Oh sure, I have a one man show, which I could probably produce for only $950,000. That’s $50,000 in Bill Maher’s pocket! And if he wants to give that to Obama’s Pac, he should go right ahead, although I do have a short film I’d like to direct for which I’m sure I could bring in at $49,727. And fifty cents.

Seventy-three dollars in Bill Maher’s pocket. Seventy-two-fifty.

But that’s not the point I’m trying to make. I’m sure the President of the United States could use the money. Oh sure, I have a sitcom pilot I wrote for myself which I could probably produce for a flat million, but I guess Clear Channel could use that money too.

Anyway, that’s not the point I was trying to make. The point I was trying to make is that conservatives preach that money is free speech. Bill Maher exercised his right to their kind of free speech by giving a million dollars to Barack Obama’s Super Pac and Sarah Palin used the millions from her Super Pac to try to cancel out his million dollars.

Why not just give it to me? I have a nice middle school recital about Alaska I could produce for only $400,000. But again, I digress.

Anyway, in an effort to deflect attention from the Republican’s “War on Women” and Rush Limbaugh’s attack on a woman far more intelligent than himself, Sarah Palin’s Super Pac, ShePac, produced a short attack ad on Obama for accepting money from Bill Maher because of some joke he made about her “frisky” daughter.

In the commercial, Palin’s Pac violates copyright law by stringing together a series of very funny Bill Maher monologue jokes which I hadn’t seen before because I don’t get HBO, in which he told jokes about Palin and her daughter. Palin was so offended by these jokes that she paid someone to edit them together so she could illegally rebroadcast them to an audience larger than the original HBO audience.

Sarah Palin is really hoping you’ll watch this video that derides her daughter.

"Thanks mom!"

I feel sorry for Bristol.  Her mother and the Republican Party have used her to spout propaganda written by others since the 2008 election.

In a new, slick multimedia blog which is being produced under Bristol’s name, which she began only weeks ago, “Bristol” attacks Obama for accepting Maher’s donation. The blog embeds ShePac’s video and chances are the blog entry is coordinated with her mother and ShePac.

You can fool some Republicans all of the time...

You know what the best thing about this video is? When it’s over,  the YouTube suggested links are to Bill Maher’s most recent free stand-up special “Crazy, Stupid Politics” in which I’m sure there are bound to be Palin jokes and to Alexandra Pelosi’s recent documentary short that was shown on Real Time about Mississippi Tea Partiers, which was less than flattering.

Thanks for the free advertising, ShePac! Don’t forget to say, “Fridays at nine!”

When Super Pacs start advertising about other Super Pacs, it’s time to pack in the Super Pacs!

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