Wednesday, November 23, 2005

American Public Pardons White House Turkeys

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the American Public today pardoned Marshmallow and Yam for lying to them since September 11, 2001 and for usurping the democratic process to seize power.

“They came to office through deceit and guile,” said one citizen. “But come on, stop lying, stop making money for your friends and get the boys home.”

“In a democracy, everyone gets the leadership they deserve,” said another unconcerned American, “but this is ridiculous.”

“I like dark meat,” said a passerby on Pennsylvania Avenue, “but these birds are a little gamey.”

When asked if it was prudent to pardon a couple of turkeys who led us into war with forged intelligence, a spokesman for the people said, “I don’t think the President was operating from bad intelligence. I think he was operating from no intelligence.”

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J said...

"I am responsible only to God and history."

Francisco Franco