Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sources Release Me From Confidentiality Agreements

The good news is that my sources have freed me up to talk about anything we might have talked about. The bad news is that none of my sources talked about anything of interest to Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald.

In written statements provided to me from documents I provided them with, providing my lawyer approved the provisions of the provided documents, I was released from any agreement of confidentiality I may have previously implied before things were said which shouldn’t have been said that I did not hear.

Even so, I have agreed to give sworn testimony in a deposition, although no one has requested that I do so. Amendment I to the Constitution of the United States of America provides that “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…” It makes no similar provision to make no law abridging the investigation of a federal prosecutor.

While my sources have released me to disclose anything they may have said, they have not released me to disclose that they may have said anything. The conversations I may or may not have had, although I have no specific recollection that I may or may not have had them, were general in nature in that my sources generally try to get me to say things they want to say but don’t want to be caught saying. My sources tell me I’m lucky what they told me is true. A lot of the time they just make things up. These things they make up are not lies, they tell me, but they’re not the truth either.

None of my sources at any time ever said anything about former Ambassador Joe Wilson or his wife, herein after referred to as Joe Wilson’s wife. Valerie Plame’s profession as a CIA operative was never proffered in connection to any story I may or may not have been writing or as a part of any deep background investigation. Still, that’s no reason not to depose me. I was not aware of the identity of Ms. Plame, or her connection to the CIA, until it was first reported on some TV station reporting on what Robert Novak had reported. Some of my sources were watching TV with me at the time, although they have not freed me to talk about that.


Dark Sevier said...

Hello. You have, without a doubt, the clearest , most incisive political reporting that I have come across in years. Granted, I stopped listning to political reporting years ago, but that fact only makes my positive review more believable (if you believed it at all in the first place). Please continue to obfuscate the obfuscators as clearly as you do.


J said...

We have nothing against the American people. We know and respect their political views and internal affairs, even if we might do things differently. We believe we have the right to expect the same of American public opinion about Germany. We also fail to see the benefits of such controversy. What good will it do America? Does it think it can starve Germany using the same methods as those of the World War?

Joseph Goebbels, 1939

Anonymous said...

Finally a leader who is not afraid to not tell us what we may or may not need to hear.