Thursday, November 03, 2005

Rob Reiner Never Called

I spent all Wednesday night waiting for a phone call from Rob Reiner. He was in Los Angeles making calls in opposition to Proposition 75 and I’m a registered Los Angeles voter. Every time my phone rang, I answered, “Hello, Rob Reiner?” And when it wasn’t him, I’d say, “I can’t talk now, I’m expecting a call, a very important call.”

I have call waiting, but I hung up on everyone. After all, I wasn’t waiting for just any call. I was waiting for a call from Rob Reiner. “Hello?”

I even knew how the call was going to go. I’d answer the phone, “Hello, Rob Reiner?”

And he’d say, “Yes. How did you know?”

And I’d say, “I’ve been expecting your call.”

And he’d say, “I want to talk to you about Proposition 75.”

And I’d say, “Oh, that old thing?”

And he’d say, “This is a very important Proposition.”

And I’d say, “Of course it is, Rob Reiner.”

And he’d say, “This Proposition will stifle the political voice of unionized workers.”

And I’d say, “You are right, Rob Reiner.”

He may or may not be right, but could it hurt to give him a little positive reinforcement? And besides, if I didn’t agree with him, he’d just call back. I can’t hang around my phone every night waiting for him to call.

And what if he is right? After all, Rob Reiner has his own political advisor. How many people do you know with their own political advisor? The only political advisor I ever had was my father. His advice: “Vote Republican, you idiot!” How can you argue with that?

But Rob Reiner never called. I felt cheap. I felt used. I felt like maybe I just wasted my time waiting for him to call. I felt like maybe I’d have to read about this proposition myself. Drat!

Tonight I’m going to turn on the radio and wait to hear the commercial Warren Beatty has taped for the California Nurses Association. It’s 60 seconds long and he wrote it himself. That definitely deserves some positive reinforcement. How many people do you know who have written their own 60 second radio commercial? Not me.

Of course, we can see Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger anytime we want. He’s done a couple of his own commercials. I don’t think he wrote them, but he does have a lot of advisors.

And it’s not too late for Rob Reiner to call. I actually would like to hear from him. You see, what I really want to do is be an actor. Someday I hope to have my own advisors. Call me, Rob Reiner.

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