Saturday, January 07, 2012

Live Tweets From GOP Debate Part XI

thejamestripp James Tripp
will be live tweeting tonight's Republican debate beginning at 6 pm PST and rooting for Bachmann.

thejamestripp James Tripp
Will be live tweeting the twits starting at 6 pm PST.

thejamestripp James Tripp
And then there were six they let into the debates...

Just because we can tweet our opinions, doesn't mean that corporations won't control the results of this election.

Being a CEO is not being a CEO.

I wish I had the experience of working in the real economy, but I can't get a job.

I think we should elect Romney and let him break up the United States and sell off the 50 states.

"Pretty darn good" is pretty strong language, Rick.

I forgot Perry was still in this race.

According to Santorum, the government drinks Tab.

The word Gobbeldygook is not used enough in debates.

Attacking Obama's Foreign Policy is like thinking Romney can be President.

thejamestripp James Tripp
I hate when our country's freedom is put in jeopardy.

Newt is promising pork for NH. Leave that to their reps.

"How can I defend something I didn't write with something I'm not saying?"

I would like to mandate that Rick Santorum use contraception.

George S. is winning the debate.

Romney wants Justices to legislate.

Are "real viewers" incorporated?

I'd like to see the candidates marry each other.

Moderator did a follow up question that did not follow the answer. Not good on his feet.

War on religion! We start bombing at 5 o'clock!

Huntsman is correct [about Afghanistan].

thejamestripp James Tripp
Rick Perry should go back to Texas.

Newt defeated the Soviet Empire!

How are these heroes going to pay for an increase in troops?

"Sanctions lead to war." Tell that to Japan in 1941.

This panel is kind of gay without Michele Bachmann.

Perry wants to get America working again by re-invading Iraq!

We can get Halliburton working again!

"We have to open up American markets in Chinese neighborhoods."

I don't speak Chinese, but if I did, that's not what I'd say.

thejamestripp James Tripp
is the proud great grandson of Irish-American immigrants, who came to this country when they couldn't grow any more potatoes for their still

Debate ended early. Did they run out of questions or answers?

thejamestripp James Tripp
I didn't know this was a debate of pundits!

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